"The many compelling stories, problems and perplexities of our places can be woven into formal learning plans to the benefit of students, teachers and the communities in which we work."

~Amy Demarest

Welcome to Our Curriculum Matters!

This website is a resource that provides inspiration and practical ideas for K-12 teachers who seek meaningful and authentic ways to embed learning in local places. This website offers a vibrant view of place-based education and curriculum design incorporates standards, Understanding by Design and transformational educational practice.

This site highlights the work of Amy Demarest—a curriculum coach who works in northern Vermont –and elsewhere around the globe when opportunities arise. She facilitates a process with teachers to articulate and design curriculum that means more to their students, themselves and the communities in which they teach.

This is a new website. We will be adding a few finishing touches in the next few weeks but welcome any comments or questions about our website (either privately via our Contact Form or publically via our Blog). 



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